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In 2005 the arts industry in New York City generated:

  • An economic impact of $21.2 billion 
  • 160,000 jobs
  • $8.2 billion in wages
  • $904 million in taxes to the city

40 million visits were made in 2005 to New York City's cultural attractions which generated:

  • An economic impact of $5.4 billion
  • 55,700 job
  • $1.9 billion in wages
  • $369 million in taxes to the city
    Source: Arts as an Industry: Their Economic Impact on New York City and New York State (2007)

    Nonprofit cultural venues draw an audience of almost 26 million people--many more than the numbers going to Broadway theaters and all live commercial sporting events in the city from Yankee Stadium to Aqueduct combined.

    Source: NYC Arts Audiences: Attendance at NYC's Cultural Venues (2005)

    In 2009, 19 million visitors (42 percent of total visitors) to New York City participated in a cultural activity

    • 77 percent of international visitors vs. 33 percent of domestic visitors include cultural activities during their stay, which is on average longer than that of the domestic visitor
    • Of 6,656,000 international cultural visitors, activities included: historical site - 77 percent; sightseeing - 67 percent; art gallery/museum - 59 percent; cultural heritage site -42 percent; concert/play/musical - 40 percent; guided tour -25 percent
    • Of 12,340,000 domestic cultural visitors, activities included: theater - 46 percent; museum - 45 percent; landmark/historic site - 31 percent; art gallery - 20 percent; dance performance - 10 percent
    Source: In-flight Survey of International Air Travelers (Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, US Dept. of Commerce, 2009)

    2009 Income Patterns:

    • The combined operating income for 749 cultural organizations in New York City totaled approximately $3 billion
    • Earned income represents nearly 54 percent of total income
    • Government contributions represent 14 percent of total income while private contributions represent 32 percent
    • New York City funding represents 10 percent of total income

    Source: Who Pays for the Arts? Income for the Nonprofit Cultural Industry in New York City (Alliance for the Arts, 2010)

    From 1997 to 2002, capital expenditures of $1.8 billion generated $2.3 billion in total economic impact, including:

    • $512 million in wages
    • 2,255 full-time equivalent jobs in each of the six years
    • $36 million in personal income, sales and corporate taxes to the City

    Source: Culture Builds New York: The Economic Impact of Capital Spending at New York City's Cultural Institutions, 2003--2010 (Alliance for the Arts, 2007)

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